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The Power of Steam - in your laundry, cooking, dishwasher

Posted on June 14, 2016

Steam, known for powering trains and covering your bathroom mirrors, is a powerful tool. A tool many dishwashers, cooktops and ranges, washers, and dryers now include to bring the power of steam technology right into your home.

The high temperatures and unique applications provided by today’s kitchen and laundry appliances give you a magician-like power and will have you wondering how you ever lived without the power of steam at your fingertips.

Steam technology has been part of high end appliance offerings for almost 20 years and has come a long way. Now with even more appliances offering it up steam isn’t just for your laundry stains anymore, steam is heating up a healthy lifestyle. With steam’s high heat hotter than boiling water, a good clean is just around the corner.

Don’t believe us yet? We’ve pulled together our list of reasons steam will benefit you in your cooking, cleaning, and quality of life.

Benefits of Steam Power in:


  1. Kill bacteria & sanitize – great for things like baby bottles
  2. The high heat from steam helps to loosen baked on bits and eliminates the need for pre-washing or rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
  3. Steam makes cleaning precious china in the dishwasher possible because it’s much gentler than a direct blast of water.

Washing Machines

  1. The high temperatures do a lot to reduce allergens, giving allergy sufferers some much needed help during allergy season.
  2. High temperatures also kill bacteria, helpful for baby clothes, stuffed animals, dog toys, and more.
  3. Stains lift easily with the high temperature steam provides, extending the life for your clothing and household items.
  4. Steam also uses less water than a regular wash cycle creating a more eco-friendly wash.


  1. Will minimize wrinkles in your clothes. Less ironing needed! (An iron is steam anyway, so this just cuts down on the steps which is always helpful).
  2. It fluffs, you still fold. Many steam dryers provide an option to ‘refresh’ your load if you’ve left it sitting too long. This warm blast of steam does a great job of removing all the wrinkles. It’s also great for a quick ‘refresh’ of an item before you head out the door.


  1. Steam is a very healthy way to cook and makes veggies and fish moist and delicious. This Bosch model combines the power (and health) of steam cooking with a convection oven.
  2. Steam cooking keeps moisture in as well as nutrients, which is a bonus for your health.
  3. Sick of dried out leftovers? Reheating leftovers in a steam oven adds in the moisture that’s been lost and will have you making ‘planned-overs’ just because you can now.
  4. Steam in your oven doesn’t give you powerful cooking, it also allows for powerful cleaning.
  5. Check out Whirlpool’s Aqualift technology, giving you a clean oven in less than an hour with no harmful chemicals or smells.

Watch this easy cottage meal come together with the help of Bosch’s steam oven.

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