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The Future is Here and Ooh is it Ever Comfortable

Posted on June 16, 2016

According to Stats Canada, there were about 8.9 million millennials born between 1981 and 2000. They are the next group with big buying power and they know what they want – and they want technology in every part of their lives. Although they may not all be employed, or own homes, and perhaps some still live at home, one thing is certain, they love technology, including a bed that bends to your every whim.1 Millennials are no longer going to take this issue lying down! To be forced to stuff three, four, or even five pillows behind our backs just to prop up high enough so watching television in bed, or catching up on some work on our laptop, can be the least bit enjoyable, is no longer an acceptable option. Neck aches, shoulder strains, lower back spasms should not be part of the lineup when settling in with your remote control! Now, thanks to our friends at Ergomotion, with surely a millennial or two seated around the boardroom table, the flat mattress is a thing of the past. Welcome to a better standard of living, and sleeping. Beds are now cleverly being designed to fit the individuals who use them. “With one touch of a button, you can transform your bedroom into a family room, a workspace, or a study area. Throughout the busy day, our adjustable bases give support and comfort as needed - whether you're relaxing in our Zero G® ergonomic preset, or soothing away your stress with our massage vibrations.”2 The ergonomic bed is simply an experience in versatility. It answers that all too obvious question: If we are all different shapes and sizes, sleep in a variety of positions to find that one that helps us sleep comfortably then why are all beds designed the same way - flat? It would seem obvious to be able to personalize a bed to experience a deeper more relaxed sleeping experience created just for you. not all beds created equal What are the real benefits of committing to an ergonomic bed? For instance, elevating your head and knees can naturally alleviate those pressure spots you get from a flat bed – pillow top or not, while inducing an overall body relaxation effect. Plus, our Motion Perfect® and Motion Custom® adjustable bases have pre-set positions for optimal comfort and support for watching television/working on your laptop, lounging and our Zero-G position which elevates your legs slightly above your heart to help relieve lower back pressure.3 There are also multiple versions of the ergonomic bed up for grabs. Choices range from the series 100 to the 400 and 600 models each with their own unique specification to rock you gently to sleep. Each model comes with built in massage therapy to ease your aches and pains. The bed can be adjusted by three intensity levels, which can be set for 10, 20 or 30 minutes of muscle relaxing bliss.4 The Ergomotion team is the leading designer and manufacturer of adjustable bed technology in the world. Realizing new ways to achieve restfulness with every innovative product all while maintaining elegant styles, Ergomotion is truly a company for the millennials who know what they need. 1 2 3 4

Posted in Comfort at Home, Sleep | tagged ergonomics, motion

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